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Types of press tools

1. Simple Press Tool

The simple press tool is a tool designed to perform piercing or blanking operation in a single stroke.
Single action dies perform a single operation for each stroke of the press slide the operation may be cutting or non cutting.

2. Compound Press Tool

The press tool in which Blanking and Piercing operation performed in a single stroke, single station
In other word two or more operations may be performed at one station.
Such dies are considered as cutting tools since, only cutting operations carried out.

3. Progressive Press Tool

The progressive tool number of operations can perform in one tool.
The work piece moves from one station to another, with separate operations, being performed at each station.

4. Combination Press Tool

In combination tool more than one operation performed at one station.
The cutting and forming operation are combined and carried out in a single stroke

5. Forming Press Tool

In the forming tool change the appearance of the blank without removing any stock.
Mostly non cutting operation (bending, drawing and squeezing etc.) can perform in this tool.

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